WyoLotto App

The WyoLotto or the Wyoming Lottery, known as the WyoLotto is a lottery which was launched in the year 2013, and the revenue which is generated from this lottery goes to the state treasury for use in various developmental programs and initiatives. Wyolotto consists of four draw games namely Powerball, Megamillions, Lucky 4 Life and Cowboy Draw with draws for these games coming everyday except for Sundays. 
Like many other lotteries in the United States, you can only purchase the lottery tickets at an authorized retailer as the purchasing of tickets online is prohibited. The Wyoming lottery has developed a very powerful App which you can use for various purposes except the purchasing of tickets.

About the WyoLotto App

WyoLotto has a great App which is absolutely free and can be used on either an Android or iOS device as it is designed for these mobile operating systems, but please note that the app is designed for iOS 11+ and Android 8+ . 
The good thing about the recently released WyoLotto App is that it is user-friendly and is very easy to master. The App comes with a lot of cool features which are aimed at making your betting experience easy. The outstanding features for the WyoLotto App are:
Ticket Scanner
The ticket scanner allows you to check your lottery tickets for winning numbers by actually scanning the ticket with your phone. What happens is that the App will scan your physical ticket using the phone camera and then check online to see if the scanned ticket is a winner. If for example you had scanned your ticket before the draw, the Apps will then automatically check your scanned ticket against the draw when it happens.
Gameplay Tracking
This App keeps track of all your activities and you can then view your previously scanned tickets, you can also check upcoming draws and find potential winners.
Current Jackpots
You can easily check the jackpots of each game, learn more details on how to play, and view past winning numbers.
Retailer Locator
This a great feature which enables you to find a WyoLotto retailer which is nearest to you in Wyoming.
Push Notifications
You do not have any reason to miss any draw because you will receive notifications on game draw days.
Get the latest updates on anything that has to do with the lottery, get the latest promotions, winner stories and general news about the lottery.

How To Install the App?

The WyoLotto App is very easy to install as you simply have to visit this link https://wyolotto.com/wyolotto-app/ and click on the option to ‘Download on the App Store’ or to ‘Get it on Google Play’ depending on your device. Clicking on any either of the two options will redirect you to the page where you can install the App from. Alternatively, you can simply go directly to either the Apple Store or Google Play Store and install the Apps directly from there.