New York Lottery Money Dots

The New York lottery introduces the Money Dots game, this is a fast-paced game which has draws every four minutes. With ‘Money Dots’ you get a chance to win up to $50 on a $1 play, the draws take place immediately after the Quick Draw winning numbers have been picked.
The draws for Money Dots are held daily after every 4 minutes, except for a short break from 3:30am to 4:00am Eastern Time. You can pick up Money Dots tickets at any Quick Draw retailer
Money Dots is a Quick Pick-only game, so your numbers will be randomly chosen by the lottery computer and you’ll receive a ticket with eight numbers between 1 and 80.
It’s super-simple to try your luck on Money Dots – just ask any Quick Draw retailer for a Money Dots Quick Pick. Or you can complete a Money Dots play slip with the number of draws you want to play – up to 20 consecutive draws. Alternatively, select “Yes” at the bottom of a Quick Draw play slip to play Money Dots.

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