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There are many reasons why people play the lottery. However, among all the reasons that may be cited, the one common reason that brings many people to the lottery table is the prospect of hitting the lotto jackpot. Everyone knows that hitting the lotto jackpot will certainly set you for life.

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Lucky for Life Smart Picks and Predictions


Lucky for Life - Next Draw 07/12/2023

# Date Results
1 2023-12-06 04 09 15 25 40 11
2 2023-12-05 11 12 21 22 35 01
3 2023-12-04 01 16 22 39 40 05
4 2023-12-03 11 15 28 36 40 11
5 2023-12-02 03 06 17 45 46 15
6 2023-12-01 15 33 34 41 43 17
7 2023-11-30 07 12 28 37 41 02
8 2023-11-29 16 33 38 39 47 10
9 2023-11-28 09 15 18 31 40 16
10 2023-11-27 06 20 22 26 38 17

However, often times, there are those unfortunate cases where the lotto winners end up broke owing to the reckless use of money. Recognizing this challenge among some lotto winners, one lotto operator by the name Lucky for Life decided to come up with an innovative lotto game. Players who win the lotto game do not just receive a lump sum amount all at once. Rather, they are set for life as they receive a substantial amount of money either on a daily basis or a lump sum on an annual basis. This meaning that once you win the lotto, you never go broke! This aptly explained by the lotto operator’s slogan ‘The Game of a Lifetime!’

How Lucky for Life Lottery Works

Lucky for Life is a great lotto game that’s enjoyed in 25 states in the US and also in the District of Colombia. When it comes to the Lucky for Life lotto game, players ought to know that it is annualized. By this, we mean that all of the lotto prizes awarded to the winners are ‘lifetime’ prizes.

Lucky for Life uses the double matrix 5/48 + 1/18 format. What this means is that there is the standard lotto ticket which features 48 numbers. Players have to choose five numbers that they think will win at the draw from the 48. If the five numbers they pick win, then they will have won the first part of the lotto game. To win the second part of the lotto game, players will need to pick one number from the 18 lucky ball numbers. If the lucky number they pick wins, then it means they would have won the double matrix Lucky for Life lotto game!

If it happens that the player wins the first part of the game that is, pick five correct numbers from the standard lotto ticket, they will scoop a massive $25, 000 lotto jackpot which is awarded annually till the time they depart earth. Those who are lucky enough to hit the five standard winning numbers and also get the lucky number correct, they scoop the highest prize of $1000 awarded on a daily basis! Yes, you heard that right, on each day of the year, a cool $1000 will be coming your way!

What’s even more impressive about the first prize is that it comes with a 20-year guarantee. What this means is that if the winner passes away before the guarantee lapses, payments will continue to the winner’s estate! This really is the truest definition of a lifetime prize!

How to Play Lucky for Life

Playing Lucky for Life lotto is pretty easy. All that players need to do is to take a trip to the nearest gas station, grocery stores, corner markets you name it all. Once there, they can purchase the Lucky for Life lotto ticket for just $2. When they get the ticket, the next thing for them is to choose the five winning numbers and also pick the lucky number. Afterwards, the wait begins for the draw to be conducted to see if the numbers they pick are the winning numbers.


Lucky for Life conducts draws twice a week every Monday and Thursday. The Lucky for Life website showcases the draw live when it’s conducted every Monday and Thursday. Worry not though if you miss the draw as the site will update the numbers as soon as the draw comes to an end. Anytime before the next draw, you can see the previous winning numbers.

Biggest Winners

At the present moment, the biggest Lucky for Life lotto winner is an anonymous winner who hit the big jackpot on November 19, 2015 in South Carolina. The winner opted for the cash in lieu of the annuity for the game’s top prize.