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Lotteries in North Carolina

North Carolina is home to the North Carolina Lottery board; this is a special board that regulates all lottery games in the state. As such, it means that all players based in this state can legally play lotto games. On the lotto games front, in this article, we are going to take time in exposing and exploring all the lotto games that are regulated in the state. This will help you to pick legal games the next time you want to try your lottery luck.

Pick 3 Lotto

Pick 3 Lotto comes in two formats. First, there is the Pick 3 Daytime and the Pick 3 Evening lotto games. Both these games are daily games meaning their draws take place every single day. However, what differentiates them is that the draw for the Pick 3 Daytime is conducted at midday (local North Carolina time) while that for the Pick 3 Evening game is conducted during the evening. When playing the game, players simply need to pick three lucky numbers from 0 to 9. The top prize fetches $500.

Pick 4 Lotto

Pick 4 Lotto just like Pick 3 Lotto comes in two formats. There is the Pick 4 Daytime game and the Pick 4 Evening game. These are both daily games whose draws are conducted daily. What differentiates them are the draw times. When playing the game, players pick four numbers from 0 to 9. In addition, players must pick a special ball that significantly enhances the player’s chances of winning when players get it correct. the top prize for the game is $5,000 and there are consolation prizes for players who fall narrowly short from winning the top prize.

Cash 5

Cash 5 is a daily lotto game. this simply means that the draw for the game is conducted every single day of the week. When playing the game, players pick their lucky numbers from 1 to 43. Alternatively, players may make use of the Quick Pick option to make random selections. Cash 5 offers a Double Play feature. This feature allows players to enter a second Cash 5 Draw. The prize pool for this game runs into thousands of dollars. The prize pool increases each day for as long as there isn’t a winner.


Powerball needs no introduction to most lotto lovers as it ranks as one of the world’s most popular lotto games. When playing the game, players simply pick their five lucky numbers together with the power ball. Getting these correct will instantly turn the player into a millionaire as Powerball offers millions of dollars as the jackpot prize. Consolation prizes are available for players who fall short to reach the target. The draw for Powerball lotto runs every Monday, Wednesday and Saturday.

Mega Millions

Mega Millions is simply a stunning lotto game that allows players to win millions of dollars every Tuesday and Friday as these two are the days where the game’s draw is conducted. Players playing the game simply need to pick five lucky numbers and the special mega ball.

Lucky for Life

Lucky for Life is a daily lotto game that allows players to pick their five lucky numbers from numbers 1 to 47. In addition, players should also pick a bonus ball. Getting these numbers correct will see players win millions of dollars.

Round Up

The opportunity to win thousands and millions of dollars every single day is presented to all folks based in North Carolina courtesy of the numerous lotto games available in the state. Players simply need to summon lady luck, pick their favourite game and proceed to pick their lucky numbers in order to win thousands and millions of dollars.