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2by2 - 22/06/2024

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A lottery game with a nightly draw for both diehard fans or if you are just wanting to try your luck at winning a top prize of $22,000. Players are required to select 2 numbers in each of the 2 fields- only 1 match in either field is required in order to win the top prize; which is done by matching4 numbers.

Players who purchase tickets for 7 consecutive draws are eligible for doublings of the top prize if the prize is won on a Tuesday ($44,000).

When are the 2by2 Draws

Draws take place Monday through Sunday.

How to play 2by2 Lotto

Pick 2 red numbers between 1 and 26 and 2 white numbers between 1 and 26 or play quick pick whereby the computer randomly generates numbers for you.

Costs $1 per play.

Buy a multi-draw ticket for 7 consecutive draws and be eligible for the 2by2 Tuesday feature in which all prizes won automatically double in value.

As 2by2 uses the double matrix format, what it means is that players have to pick winning numbers from two grids on the ticket. Tickets can be purchased both online and offline. Once one has purchased the ticket, the next thing to do is to pick the winning numbers. The first grid showcases 26 red numbers. On this grid, the player simply needs to pick two winning numbers. The second grid showcases 26 white numbers. On this grid, the player simply needs to pick two winning numbers. Once the player makes his picks, the next thing is to wait for the draw to see if his/her numbers will be picked during the draw.  

2by2 lotto uses the double matrix 2/26 + 2/26 format. The first 2/26 grid features red numbers and the second 2/26 grid features white numbers. The objective when playing the game is to pick two winning numbers from the 26 red numbers and a further two winning numbers from the 26 white numbers. Once this is done, the grand prize of $22,000 is won. The maximum Grand Prize liability is $22,000 for 10 players on the same draw. If more than 10 players win the Grand Prize on the same draw, prizes will be awarded on a pari-mutual basis. Worry not though if you fail to hit the Grand Prize as there are many other prizes you can win even if you fail to get the two winning numbers correct both on the red numbers and white numbers.

To add to the “innovativeness” of this lotto game, 2by2 comes with a Tuesday feature which will see all prizes won on the Tuesday draw automatically doubled! To enter into the Tuesday draw, players simply need to purchase a multi-draw ticket for seven consecutive draws. Each ticket costs just a $1.

To allow players to see the prizes they stand to win depending on the numbers they match, here is a detailed info graphic.

2 Red Numbers + 2 White Numbers$22,000 Grand Prize$44,000 Grand Prize
2 Red Numbers + 1 White Number$100$200
1 Red Number + 2 White Numbers$100$200
2 Red Numbers only$3$6
2 White Numbers only$3$6
1 Red Number + 1 White Number$3$6
1 Red Number onlyFree Ticket  for next draw2 Free tickets for next draw
1 White Number onlyFree ticket for next draw2 Free tickets for next draw

How to win:

There are 8 different ways to win.

Match all 4 numbers correctly and you could win the top prize of $22,000 (2 red and 2 white balls).

Match 3 numbers to win $100 (2 red and 1 white ball/2 white and 1 red ball).

Match 2 numbers to win $3 (2 red/2 white or 1 red and 1 white).

Match 1 ball you get a free tickets to play 2by2 again (1 red/1white).

Overall odds of winning are 1 in 3.59

How to claim:

Prizes must be claimed in the jurisdiction where the winning ticket was bought.

Up to $600 can generally be claimed at any participating retailer.

Over $600 can be claimed at some lottery offices (depending on amount) as well as at lottery headquarters).

Jackpot winners may choose to receive payments as an annuity- paid in 30 graduated payments over 29 years or as a lump sum payment.

Participating States:



North Dakota

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