Lotto America

The lottery has been played since time immemorial. However, the format of the lottery has been constantly evolving ever since. In days gone by, only those who were lucky enough to hit all numbers correct went home with prize money. All others simply folded their hands hoping lady luck will visit them soonest in the draws to follow. That however, has since changed. Some lotteries nowadays give all players the opportunity to walk home with a little something even if they only managed to get just a few numbers correct. One such lottery is Lotto America. Lotto America prides itself as a 9 ways to win lottery. This simply meaning there are nine ways players can win the prize money when playing the game – just a single number is all it takes to win some money when playing Lotto America! Great, isn’t it?  

How Lotto America Works

Lotto America is a double matrix 5/52 + 1/10 lotto game. What this means is that when players purchase the Lotto America ticket, they will see two grids. The first one is the standard grid showing 52 red balls. Among these red balls, players have to choose five numbers that they think will be picked during the draw. There is also the special grid showing 10 star balls. From the star balls, players need to pick out one number which they think will be picked as the Lotto America Star Ball during the draw.

After the draw is conducted, players can check to see how many numbers they got correct. Depending on the numbers they got correct, they stand to win the following prizes (shown in the graphic table below).

5 Red Balls + Star BallGrand Prize
5 Red Balls (No Star Ball)$20,000
4 Red Balls + Star Ball$1,000
4 Red Balls (No Star Ball)$100
3 Red Balls + Star Ball$20
3 Red Balls (No Star Ball)$5
2 Red Balls + Star Ball$5
1 Red Ball + Star Ball$2
Star Ball only$2

When it comes to the Grand Prize, players ought to know that they are presented with two options. First, they can opt to receive a lumpsum all at once. Second, they may choose an annualized prize which will see them receiving a substantial amount on a yearly basis until the end of the agreed annualized period.

How to Play Lotto America

One of the reasons why Lotto America is highly popular in the States that it’s played in, is that it comes with simple gameplay instructions. To start playing the game, all that players need to do is to visit the official Lotto America site to purchase their tickets online. Players should note that it’s also possible to purchase physical tickets in grocery stores, gas stations and corner shops among other merchants. To play the red balls only, players just need to part with a $1 to purchase their tickets. However, if they want to play the Star Ball bonus, they need to part with an additional dollar. The beauty of opting to play the Star Ball bonus is that it multiplies payouts when it wins as can be seen in the graphic table above. Once players have purchased their tickets, the next step is to pick winning numbers starting with the five red balls and proceeding to the Star Ball. After that, the waiting period starts to the next draw.  

Lotto America Draws

Lotto America conducts its draws twice a week every Wednesday and Saturday. Results of past drawings are all shown publicly on the official Lotto America website.  

Biggest Winners

Lotto America is one jackpot that pays out frequently. However, of all those who have managed to win, it is the Kujava Family consisting of a brother and a sister who won the lotto’s biggest prize ever. The two won the Lotto America jackpot amounting to $22.8 million on March 14, 2018!