Texas Lottery App

Texas lottery is a very popular lottery which was launched in the year 1992 with the aim of generating revenue for the state of Texas. A staggering total of $31 billion has been raised since the formation of the lottery and the money has been used in a variety of sectors including education, veterans’ services and other state programs, so this lottery has had a positive impact in Texas. The Texas lottery is a collection of many games namely Powerball, Mega Millions, Lotto Texas, Texas Two Step, All or Nothing, Pick 3, Daily 4, Cash Five, Lone Star Lineup and Scratch Tickets.
Please note that the Texas state laws and regulations do not allow for the sale of tickets over the internet, so you must buy your tickets from a licensed retailer in Texas. However the Texas Lottery has developed an App which is not meant for purchasing tickets but for performing various tasks which are meant to help you when you are betting on this lottery. 
About the Texas Lottery App
The free Texas Lottery App which is built for both iOS and Android is easy to use and very useful due to the various features you will find on this App. The fact that the Texas lottery cannot be played online is a huge inconvenience because people are now used to doing almost everything online, but the Texas Lottery App is there to help you in a number of ways which will make the betting process easier and convenient. Some of the features on the Texas Lottery App are;
Ticket Scanner and Scratcher
You can now scan your tickets to check if your ticket is a winner or not and the App’s ticket scanner will tell you in an instant if you’ve won a prize in recent draws. If you perform the scan prior to the draw, the App will scan your ticket once the draw has been conducted. You can also scratch tickets using this App to see if you have won.

Push Notifications
You can customize your notifications and be one of the first to see the latest winning numbers. You can set notifications to be alerted when the results of a particular draw are confirmed, or when a jackpot reaches a certain amount, and more.

The App keeps a record of your past activities and all the results the past Texas Lottery draws dating back to the very first draw.

Retailer Locator
You can now search for your nearest retail outlet in Texas on the App
Jackpot Updates
You can now get updates on the latest jackpot draws.
How To Install the App?
In order for you to install the Texas Lotto App, you must click on the link https://www.txlottery.org/export/sites/lottery/download_the_app.html and click on the option to either ‘Get it on Google Play’ or to ‘Download on the App store’ depending on the device you want to use the App. You can also visit any of these stores directly and install the Apps from there.