Penn Lottery Chimney Stacks of Cash

The Pennsylvania lottery is introducing a new and exciting game called the ‘Chimney Stacks of Cash’. This game is a connect-style game which means that it is a type of abstract strategy game whereby players attempt to complete a specific type of connection with their pieces. The ‘Chimney Stacks of Cash’ game has an AUTO PLAY option to automatically play up to 20 game rounds.
The Auto Play feature is a great feature which allows you to select the number of games to automatically play in a row, you can choose to play 5, 10, 15, or 20 game rounds. When playing using Auto Play, you must select Start Auto Play to begin the auto play session with the current selected game play amount. You must also select the STOP button at any time to stop any Auto Play games once the current game round has completed.
Game play features include a BONUS GAME, a chance to DOUBLE your prize, and a chance to win an instant cash prize. 
How do i play the game?
You can play the Chimney Stacks of Cash by selecting the plus or minus buttons to choose the number of Chimneys to play per round between 1 and 5.
You must proceed by selecting the plus or minus buttons to choose the Amount Per Chimney from $0.10 to $5.
You can play by either selecting the PLAY button in order to play one game round or the Auto Play button to automatically play up to 20 game rounds.
In order for you to be a winner, at least three like presents must be connected within the same Chimney.
You can also double the prize won in any Chimney when you connect like presents three times during one game round.
Reveal three Blue Stamp symbols to activate the HOLIDAY GIFT BONUS GAME
Reveal a Green Stamp symbol to win an instant cash prize

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