Michigan Lottery Welcome Offer

The Michigan Lottery offers quick and easy payment and withdrawal options- including credit/debit cards, PayPal and Neteller. Has a mobile app- offering all the website has to offer but on a mobile platform (available for Android and IOS users).

The Lottery is a clear industry leader with modern technology and the very latest games- via a very user friendly website and using loads of promotions.

Welcome Offer:

Available to all new players who try out Lottery Online. The bonus includes Free Instant Games available on Treetop Treasures and up to $100 free when you make your first deposit.

Eg: Deposit $200 and you get $100.

How to claim the Welcome Offer:

  1. Register an account: Tap the main menu icon on the top left side of the screen

         : Select Register

         : Enter required details

         : Verify email

         : Confirm registration

  • Buy Online: Find the game you want to play and click the “buy now” tab

      : Select an easy pick value/pick my numbers and pick numbers

      : Select odds and how many draws you want to enter.

      : Select continue to buy.

      : Confirm payment details.

      : Select submit and checkout.

  • Claim bonus: Once you have made your first deposit a 50% bonus will be credited as well as your

                                 free games.

How to deposit:

From the main menu icon select “My account”.

Select make a deposit.

Choose your payment method.

Enter amount or “+” next to deposit code if you have a code to enter.

Click “submit” and then click “Lets play” to get started.

Claiming your winnings:

$600-$99,999: Via mail; complete a Ticket Receipt Form, include your winning ticket, copy of ID and /ssc

            and send to: Michigan Lottery

                                  101E Hillsdale

                                   Po Box 30023


                                   MI 48909

                        : Schedule an appointment- 1-844-917-6325

                        : Drop off at claim centre

In-store claim: $600+ in store and must be accompanied by the signed ticket, ID, ssc and completed

 Ticket Receipt Form.

: $600 or less in store.

: $600+ at a regional office via appointment.

: up to $99,999 can be claimed at a regional office via appointment.

: $100,000+ players will need to visit Head Quarters but will need to call 844-887-6836 to

  make an appointment.

: Annuity prizes- contact public relations on 844-887-6836 and follow the instructions to  


Claiming on-line purchases: $600or less will be deposited directly into your lottery account and can be

withdrawn at any time.

                                              : $600-$99,999- submit an online claim form; go to “My account”, Tax

Reported Prizes and follow instructions. Will be required to provide a copy of

your ID and SSC and once submitted funds will be paid into your lottery


                                              : $100,000+ requires submission of an online claim form and for you to visit

            Lottery Head Quarters to claim your prize. Go to “My account, Tax Reported

 Prizes, follow instructions and wait for an email asking you to contact them

 to make an appointment.

                                              : Annuity prizes- contact public relations on 844-887-6836


A great site to experience lottery gaming at its best. Players can enjoy lottery games online as well as being able to purchase lottery tickets at participating retailers. Offering more than 200 games-players are definitely spoilt for choice. Easy navigation along with the mobile platform makes it an even more intriguing experience with plenty of winning opportunities.