WyoLotto Cowboy Draw

A great promotion from WyoLotto where you can get one free Cowboy Draw ticket if you buy a Cowboy Draw ticket from 11 a.m.-2 p.m, WyoLotto is offering such a great promotion on UW because they are the main sponsors of UW.
In order to participate, you must purchase a Cowboy Draw ticket during the promotional period and please note that each Cowboy Draw ticket costs $5. Purchasing a Cowboy Draw play of $5 will result in a free $5 Cowboy Draw play.
It is also important for you to realise that each free play you get will be for the draw immediately following the purchase date, and it usually will be the following Sunday .
Terms and Conditions
Each Sunday after a University of Wyoming Football game during the 2020 football season if the University of Wyoming wins the game
Prizes are transferable from the winner to any other individual(s). All Cowboy Draw game rules specific to transferring prizes apply to this promotion.
To receive a prize the winner shall furnish to the WyoLotto all the information required on the Internal Revenue Service Form W2G
The prize winner is responsible for all applicable taxes, liens, or other legal or governmental charges.

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