PACMAN second Chance Promotion


The classic video game icon PACMAN makes a thrilling return for this exciting promotion, where players can relive the hours spent at the arcade during the 80`s in the comfort of their own home with this fantastic prize of a PAC-MAN arcade machine. Run via the California Lottery, the “Pacman Second Chance Promotion is being run to get players to purchase more of the Pacman Scratchers.


The promotion is valid from 14 September 2020 until 31 October 2020


Winners of The Merchandise Prize package can choose from either a classic-traditional stand up PAC-MAN cabaret style arcade game or a PAC-MAN pixel bash cocktail arcade table game (including 2 stools and a carpet).

At the end of the promotion period 1 draw will be conducted with:

            : 4 winners each winning a PACMAN arcade, carpet and 2 chairs/stools (valued at $5,000).

            : 1 grand prize cash winner of $40,000.

In order to partake in the promotion players must be over 18, register as a player on the lottery website and must reside within California.

How to enter:

Log in to your California Lottery Second Chance account.

Any non-winning PAC_MAN Scratcher tickets can be entered into the promotion manually at 2nd chance or by scanning each eligible barcode using the California Lottery Official Mobile App.

Players will receive entries based on price point ($5 ticket receives 50 points) for every eligible code submitted.

Players may not submit more than a combined 500 code per month. Entering a code counts as 1 submission, however submissions that offer multiple entries count as one submission.


The draw will take place within 15 days after the entry deadline of each monthly promotional period.

All non-winning PAC-MAN Scratchers 2nd Chance codes submitted into the draw will also be automatically  entered into the  regular Scratchers 2nd Chance Weekly Pool Draws.

Check to see if you have won:

Winners of the promotion will be posted on the Lottery website.


The lottery will notify winners by email to login to their account for important information.

The winner must submit a 2nd Chance Claim Form, once this form is processed the winner will be notified by a representative to discuss fulfilment and claim steps of the prize.