Bank a Million

What is the Bank a Million draw game?
Virginia lottery has an extremely popular draw game which is called ‘Bank a Million’, what makes this game different to the other games which promises millions is that with this particular game, you will actually receive $1 million after the federal and state tax-withholdings. Bank a Million uses the 6/40 matrix and there is also the Bonus Ball which also gives you more chances to win. A single play costs $2 and players can win anywhere from $4 to the $1-million prize. Bank a Million gives you freedom as it has a play-your-way feature where you can select your wager amount and the top prize they want to win.
Pick one set of six numbers for a chance to win $1,000,000
Pick two sets of numbers for a chance to win $500,000
Pick four sets of numbers for a chance to win $250,000
How do you play the Bank a Million game?
In order for you to play and win the Bank a Million, you must select a total of six different numbers from a number range of 1 through 40. Please note that the Bonus Ball is automatically drawn and is not selected by the player. Getting all 6 predictions correct will make you the jackpot winner of $1 Million.
When are the Bank a Million draws conducted?
The drawings for Bank a Million draw game are held every Wednesday and Saturday at 11 P.M.
Who can bet on Bank a Million game?
The Bank a Million can be played by the Virginia residents.
What are the odds of winning Bank a Million?
The overall odds of winning any prize in the Bank a Million draw game are 1 in 18.3 , but in order for you to win the jackpot, you must beat the odds of 1 in 3,838,380, Check out the odds for all prize categories;
Match Odds
6 balls* 1:3,838,380
5 balls + Bonus Ball 1:639,730
5 balls 1:19,386
4 balls + Bonus Ball 1:7,754
4 balls 1:485
3 balls + Bonus Ball 1:363
3 balls 1:35
2 balls + Bonus Ball 1:47