Virginia Scratchers

The Virginia Lottery was launched along with scratchers. Players paid $1 to play them in the 1990s. Bingo was launched after a short while, and it cost $2.

Several lottery scratchers were introduced in Virginia’s lottery market. You can play them with $30, $10, $5, and $3.

Scratchers that cost $30 have the highest winning prizes. Virginia Lottery Scratchers offers a $10 million prize to players who play $30 on certain games.

General Information about Scratchers

Some scratcher players select specific games while others buy tickets randomly. Various games have different odds. The Virginia Lottery offers engaging scratcher titles with varying ticket prices.

Some prizes have different odds. The popularity of the Virginia Lottery Scratchers increased last year.

Its total sales in the United States rose to $1.17 billion. The Lottery introduced a new online system that enabled many players to access various games at home.

How Scratchers Work

New Scratchers cost $3, $5, and $10. You can play other costly lottery scratchers for $10, $20, or $30.

The $30 scratchers have a $1 million tag prize. Still, the Virginia Lottery Scratchers has multi-million lottery scratchers.

The Lottery airs Win a Spin live on television as players compete for a $500,000 maximum prize. It launches new Scratchers each month on the first Tuesday, and every game has a different gaming experience. The Lottery’s tickets have unique playstyles that keep you engaged throughout the game.

Use the “overall odds” to compare different scratch-off odds in the state. They are the winning odds of any Scratchers prize, and they are constant in a game’s life. The Lottery prints them on instant tickets.

It is advisable to consider them if you want to increase your scratch-off winning probability. The Virginia Lottery website displays various overall odds.

You can check the odds of each game and create a list. Update the list frequently as the Lottery launches new games.

Examples of Scratchers

The following three Scratchers are available on the Virginia Lottery:

  • Pocket Change: 
    • This easy-to-play Scratcher is appropriate for beginners, and it has a $500 maximum prize. Enter any non-winning Pocket Change Scratchers in an eXTRA Chances promotion to contend for various weekly prizes. You need to the play area to view coins that add up to over $1.
  • Extreme Millions: 
    • At times, Extreme Millions has a second-chance promotion with four $1,000,000 prizes. It provides twelve $1,000,000 prizes and four $10,000,000 top prizes. The game features more than $256 million in total prizes.
    • The Virginia Lottery pays the $10,000,000 prizes in 30 years annual installments, and the odds of winning the Extreme Millions’ top prize is 1 in 2,937,600.
    • You will win the prize indicated on your ticket if you match several winning numbers. For example, reveal a 5X will earn you 5 times what you staked.
  • 100X the Money: 
    • The Scratchers allow you to increase winnings by 100 times. It has 30 winning chances for $7,000,000 and more than 420,000 prizes that range from $100 to $600. Enter a non-winning 100X ticket to the eXTRA Chances promotion to win amazing weekly prizes.

Some players play Scratchers each week after work or when playing golf. You will play any new game at the Lottery. Players can provide their social security number voluntarily for games with $600 and above cash prizes.