Instant Games Offered by the Virginia Lottery

The Virginia Lottery (VA Lottery) offers a broad selection of games, including instant games. Neo Games partnered with the Lottery to develop them. They have different crosswords, symbols, and reveals.

Some instant games’ themes resemble those of blackjack and keno. You can play the games on a PC without downloading them.

How the Games Work

Instant games play starts from $0.05 to $20, and different games provide several plays. You can find all games in demo mode to perfect your gaming skills before you start placing real stakes. At times, it is tricky to find the gameplay on the Lottery’s mobile app.

Yet, you can review your ticket to keep your favorite numbers and check winning numbers using the application. Instant games’ prizes are up to $100,000.

Regular instant games players can receive huge cash prizes immediately. You don’t have to take part in a draw like other state-only games. The instant prizes give you hope about winning soon.

The Virginia Lottery has a wide variety of instant games, and it adds new ones occasionally. Each game has a specific top prize, overall odds, and ticket cost. Most instant games are easy to play, and you can win them in minutes.

The VA Lottery provides scratchcards and instant games. They offer a thrilling gaming experience. First, the Lottery started providing 12 instant games, and it has attracted several developers who release several games per month.

While playing, set a wager and press the play button to see various symbols. You will win a prize whenever you match up to 12 symbols.

It might appear as if you are purchasing a draw ticket. Even so, the draw has many symbols rather than lottery numbers.

Examples of Instant Games in Virginia

The following are some popular Virginia Lottery instant games:

Queen of Diamonds

Its tickets are available on a game board. You will get a prize whenever a queen appears. You might use the Queen to influence the game’s build-up and get the $60,000 grand prize.

The game has a straightforward layout. Its center section has eighteen cards, while the bottom shows the PLAY button and various betting options. The left section of the screen has War Bonus and Joker Bonus features.

Your odds depend on the number of cards you choose. They include:

  • Six tickets: 5.74
  • Three tickets: 10.96
  • Twelve tickets: 3.15
  • Fifteen tickets: 2.63

The lottery adjusts the odds whenever a player claims a prize. It is advisable to place small stakes like $0.05 if you are an amateur and $36 if you are a pro.

Virginia Cash Expander

The 3-Dimensional instant game has defined graphics and lucrative prizes. It has different sounds and music that keep you calm while playing. You will unlock bonus reveals and instant prizes as you play.

First, you need to buy a ticket. Tickets with high rewards are costlier than those with few rewards. Use the “-” and “+” symbols to adjust your value.

All Virginia Cash Expanders look like a 3×5 grid with 15 symbol positions. Squared symbols of varying sizes will appear once you start playing. A cluster with more than two identical symbols will earn you a prize once it explodes.

The Virginia Lottery allows punters to buy online tickets like Queen of Diamonds, Keno, and Blackjack Doubler. The Lottery is accessible to all Virginia residents and those from other states. It uses its ticker sales to fund local schools.