Bank a Million Predictions


Bank a Million - 24/09/2023

Cold Numbers


1 times


1 times


1 times


1 times


1 times


2 times

Hot Numbers


7 times


6 times


6 times


6 times


6 times


6 times


Bank a Million - Next Draw 23/09/2023

# Date Results
1 2023-09-20 02 05 31 34 36 38 24
2 2023-09-16 06 14 23 34 35 36 33
3 2023-09-13 03 18 31 35 38 40 10
4 2023-09-09 23 24 28 34 35 39 19
5 2023-09-06 08 09 12 14 19 27 22
6 2023-09-02 01 04 06 15 18 25 10
7 2023-08-30 09 10 14 19 20 34 21
8 2023-08-19 05 06 08 09 30 36 35
9 2023-08-16 03 12 15 17 19 26 01
10 2023-08-12 03 05 17 33 35 39 12

VA Bank a Million Lottery

Are you interested in playing Bank a Million? Here is an insight into the game, how to play it, its draw times, and the jackpot.

Bank a Million is one of the Virginia-only draw games that the Virginia Lottery provides. Players can win $1 million twice a week and the lottery pays the tax bill. The game has several differences from other jackpot games. Its Bonus Ball increases your winning probability.

Virginia Lottery calculates the maximum prize in a way that you will get $1 million after state and federal taxes. Read on to learn more about Bank a Million.

How the Virginia Bank a Million Lottery Works

Bank a Million has several play options. You can pick six digits from 1 to 40 to add them on a payslip. You cannot choose the Bonus Ball, but the game machine selects it in each draw.

You are allowed to pick a prize that you will bet on and decide your stake. Your total play needs to be $2.

For instance, you can select two plays each having $1 to have two winning chances for the $500,000 prize. Four plays of $0.050 will give your four winning chances for the $250,000 prize.

You can select Easy Pick and allow the computer to pick numbers for you. Or, combine several play methods, choose your favorite digits and the computer will complete the betting process. You will pay $2 for each Bank a Million ticket.

Buy a multi-draw ticket if you want to take part in 26 consecutive draws using one ticket. Generally, ticket prices increase when you add an extra draw. You can buy a Future draw if you won’t be available on the draw night.

Inform the clerk about the draw date that you want to play. The game allows you to print the same numbers 20 times on a ticket.

Draw Times for Virginia Bank a Million Lottery

Live Bank a Million drawings occur on Wednesday and Saturday nights at 11:00 pm. Some lottery sites record them for players to view the winning numbers later.

Jackpot for Virginia Bank a Million Lottery

You can win a $1 million tax-free cash prize. You need to match the six main numbers that the lottery draws. Even so, you can bet in various ways to win the money, for example, you can play $2 to win a jackpot outright, play $1 to get two winning chances for $500,000 or place four $0.50 wagers to have four chances of winning $250,000.

The total amount of money you will win on the drawing night depends on your matching numbers and stake. Bank a Million has eight categories of total prizes.

Many lotteries in Virginia stop selling the game’s tickets on draw nights at 10:45 pm. It is advisable to buy them in advance to avoid missing the draw. A Game Machine cannot cancel tickets but a retailer can cancel them.

It is prudent to use a payslip to enter correct numbers. Tell the clerk your preferred option if you want to use Optional Plays. Note that all Bank a Million winning tickets bought in the state aren’t redeemable in other states.

The Virginia Lottery has earned billions of dollars as profit for over two decades. It uses them to support K-12 schools in the state. Bank a Million is among the five state-only games that the lottery provides.