Tri-State Megabucks Predictions

Tri-State Megabucks is a very popular $2 game that is played in the three states of New Hampshire, Maine and Vermont. When you win the Megabucks, you will be guaranteed of being a millionaire because the jackpot starts at $1 million. The Tri-State Megabucks uses the matrix 5/41 which means that the odds of winning are quite favorable. The jackpot will be divided equally among all winning tickets.

How do you play the Tri-State Megabucks?

Tri-State Megabucks is a very easy lottery game to play, you must select 5 numbers from a number range of 1 up to 41. You can make the predictions manually or through the use of Easy Pick. Matching all your selected numbers with the drawn ones will win you the jackpot prize.

When are the Tri-State Megabucks draws conducted?

The Tri-State Megabucks are held every Wednesday and Saturday at 7:59 PM ET and the cut off time for ticket sales is 7:50 PM ET.

Who can bet on Tri-State Megabucks

Tri-State Megabucks can only be played by people from the three states namely Maine, New Hampshire and Vermont.

What are the odds of winning Tri-State Megabucks?

The odds of winning the Tri-State Megabucks are quite favourable at 1 : 4,496,388, but the prize of winning any prize at all 1 in 6.
Match Prize Odds
Jackpot* 1: 4,496,388
$30,000 1: 899,278
$1,300 1: 24,980
$150 1: 4,996
$25 1: 714
$7 1: 143
$5 1: 63
$2 1: 13
$2 1: 15