Tennessee Cash Predictions



What is Tennessee Cash?
Tennessee Cash is a popular draw game in Tennesse which was launched in the year 2010 in October. The game is a two set draw game with the first set being 5/35 and the second set being 1/5. Tennessee Cash has a rollover Jackpot which starts at $200,000 and rolls over until it has been won. In total, there are eight prize tiers but please note that the prizes are Parimutiel which means that the amounts for all cash prizes vary depending on the number of winners for a particular draw. A single Tennessee Cash play will cost you a $1, please note that you can also add Quick Cash for an extra $1, Quick Cash is an optional add-on game that lets you win instant cash prizes up to $500.
How do you play the Tennessee Cash?
Tennessee Cash is a very easy lotto to play, in order for you to play Tennessee Cash, you must pick 5 numbers from 1 to 35, plus an additional Cash Ball number from 1 to 5. Match all the numbers from the two sets with the drawn ones in order to win the jackpot. Please note that you can select the numbers manually or using Quick Pick.
When are the Tennessee Cash draws conducted?
Tennessee Cash has three weekly drawings on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays, at 10:30 PM CT.
Who can bet on Tennessee Cash game?
Tennessee Cash draw game can only be played by Tennessee residents.
What are the odds of winning Tennessee Cash?
The odds of winning the Tennesse Cash jackpot prize are quite favourable at just 1 in 1,623,160, check out the odds for all prize categories below;
Match Odds
5 Match+Cash ball 1:1,623,160
5 Match 1:405,790
4 Match+Cash ball 1:10,821
4 Match 1:2,705
3 Match+Cash ball 1:373
3 Match 1:93
2 Match+Cash ball 1 :40
2 Match 1:10