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What is the Mississippi Cash 3?
The Mississippi Cash 3 is an exciting draw game from the Mississippi lottery which is relatively a new game having been launched on the 30th of January 2020. What makes Cash 3 popular is the fact that it is drawn on a daily basis which means that players have several chances of winning the Cash 3 draw game. The Mississippi Cash 3 is not as liucrative as other draws, with the top prize being just $500. There is a total of eight play styles available when you are playing the game namely:
Exact Order
6-Way Combination
3-Way Combination
Exact Order/6-Way Any Order
Exact Order/3-Way Any Order
6-Way Any Order
3-Way Any Order

How do you play the Mississippi Cash 3?
In order for you to play the Mississippi Cash 3, you must select three digits from 000 through 999 or simply check the Quick Pick box for randomly selected numbers. You can also choose just one or two digits and let Quick Pick fill in the rest. Please note that players may choose a $0.50 or $1 wager for most play types and how much you bet determines which play types you can choose and how much you can win. The top prize for a $1 play is $500, and for a $0.50 play it’s $250.
When are the draws for the the Mississippi Cash 3 conducted?
The draws for Mississippi Cash 3 are conducted on a daily basis at around 9:50 pm CT.

Who can bet on the Mississippi Cash 3?
The Mississippi Cash 3 is available to the residents of Mississippi, players outside Mississippi can bet on Powerball or Megamillions.
What are the odds of winning the Mississippi Cash 3?
Each Play Type has its own odds of winning and below is a breakdown of the odds for all the play types;
Match Odds
Exact order 1 in 1,000
Any order (6-way) 1 in 167
Exact + Any order (6-way) – Exact match 1 in 1,000
Exact + Any order (6-way) – Any match 1 in 167
1-Off Exact match 1 in 1,000
1-Off match 1 in 167

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