Kentucky Cash Ball Predictions


What is Kentucky Cash Ball?

Kentucky Cash Ball is a popular draw game from the Kentucky lottery which is exclusive to the Kentucky Lottery. Cash Ball is a two set draw game which uses a 4+1 matrix with the first set containing 35 balls and the second set containing 25 balls. The Cash Ball game was initially launched in 2001 as a 4/33 + 1/31 and it has since been transformed to be 4/35+1/25 as we know it today. Cash Ball is a fairly winnable lottery because the odds of winning are quite ok, please note that you can add EZMatch to win an extra prize of up to $500 instantly.

How to play the Kentucky Cash Ball?

In order for you to play the Cash Ball, you must pick 4 numbers from 1 to 35 and then 1 number from a seperate set of numbers 1 to 25. Please note that you can make the selections yourself or you can make use of the Quick Pick feature for the computer to randomly select your numbers. You can also add EZMatch to win an extra prize of up to $500 instantly.
How much is the jackpot?
The Cash Ball Jackpot is a very good amount of $225,000.
How much does it cost to play the Kentucky Cash Ball?
Kentucky Cash Ball costs $1-per-play but you can enhance your chances of winning by adding EZmatch but please note that EZmatch is only available for purchase at retail.
When are the draws for the Kentucky Cash Ball held?
Kentucky Cash Ball draws are conducted every night at 11:00pm ET.
Does the Kentucky Cash Ball offer additional draws?
For an additional $1 per Cash Ball 225 play, EZmatch gives you a chance to win up to $500 instantly, in addition to your chance to win in the nightly drawing. Five EZmatch numbers and instant prize amounts will print below the Cash Ball 225 numbers on your ticket.