Indiana Cash 5 Predictions

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What is Hoosier Lottery Cash5?

The Hoosier Lottery Cash 5 is a popular draw game offered by Hoosier lottery and is part of a line up of Hoosier Lottery draw games which include Powerball, Cash 5, and Poker Lotto. Cash 5 uses the 5/45 matrix is a pick-5 and it came as a replacement for the Lucky 5 game. When it was launched on 4 November 2012, Cash 5 was a 5/39 game but it changed to 5/41 in April 2014, and now it has been changed to a 5/45 since the 18th June 2017.

How to play the Hoosier Lottery Cash 5?

Indiana Cash 5 is a very easy game to play, you simply need to pick your numbers either by selecting your own numbers or by using the Quick Pick option. In order to play Cash 5, you must select a total of five numbers from a number range of 1 – 45 in each board on the front of a Cash 5 Playslip. Alternatively, you can ask for the Quick Pick method to let the terminal choose the numbers for you. This is a very useful option when you don’t have a certain set of numbers to play. The good thing about Cash 5 is that players can win by matching from 2-5 numbers.

How much is the jackpot?

The Hoosier Lotto Cash 5 has a rolling jackpot that starts at $75,000. In 2007 a certain man won a record breaking $1,239,000 Cash 5 jackpot.

How much does it cost to play the Hoosier Lottery Cash 5?

Cash 5 is very affordable as it is a $1-per-play draw game.
When are the draws for the Hoosier Lottery Cash 5 held?
Cash 5 is a daily lottery as it is drawn 7 nights a week at around 11:00 PM ET giving punters more opportunities of winning.
Does the Hoosier Lottery Cash 5 offer double play or ezmatch and how does that work for each game?
You can add EZmatch for an additional $1 to get a chance to win instantly. To add EZmatch, you must fill out your CA$H 5 or Quick Draw playslip as usual and mark the “EZmatch $1” bubble for each board in which you would like EZmatch to apply. You can also ask the clerk for a Quick Pick CA$H 5 or Quick Draw ticket and indicate that you would like to add EZmatch for just a $1 more. You can win by matching any of your EZmatch numbers to your base game numbers. If you have one or more matching numbers, you win the prize shown, which you can redeem instantly.
What are the odds of winning the Hoosier Lottery Cash 5?
Cash 5 is a winnable lotto as the odds of winning are quite favourable, check out the odds below;
Match Prize Amount Odds
5 out of 5 JACKPOT 1 in 1,221,759
4 out of 5 $200 1 in 6,109
3 out of 5 $15 1 in 157
2 out of 5 Free Cash Ticket 1 in 12