Florida Fantasy 5


The Fantasy 5 is a popular lotto draw game in Florida which is popular for its generous odds of winning. The game uses the matrix 5/36 which means that when playing Fantasy 5, you must select a total of 5 numbers from a number range of 1 to 36. There are 4 prize divisions and you can win by correctly predicting 2 up to 5 numbers. Fantasy 5 costs just $1 per play but please note that you can enhance your chances of winning by for an additional $1 inorder to add EZmatch. Selecting EZmatch will enable you to receive five EZmatch numbers for each Fantasy 5 line and EZmatch gives you an opportunity to win instant prizes and you can win if you manage to find a match between your EZmatch and Fantasy 5 numbers. The Fantasy 5 Lottery has an estimated Jackpot of $200000 and please realise that all the prizes are parimutuel which means that if there is more than 1 winner, the prize money will be equally shared amongst the winners. In the event that the top prize is not won, it rolls down to the second prize category. The draws for the Fantasy 5 are held on a daily basis at 11:15 p.m.