Colorado Play 3 Day Hot and Cold Numbers

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Play 3 Day - 23/02/2024

Cold Numbers


4 times


4 times


6 times

Hot Numbers


20 times


11 times


11 times


Play 3 Day - Next Draw 23/02/2024

# Date Results
1 2024-02-22 0 7 5 , 2
2 2024-02-21 5 1 5 , 9
3 2024-02-20 9 9 5 , 5
4 2024-02-19 0 6 6 , 4
5 2024-02-18 8 2 8 , 2
6 2024-02-17 4 0 0 , 2
7 2024-02-16 5 8 8 , 2
8 2024-02-15 9 4 4 , 0
9 2024-02-14 7 3 9 , 6
10 2024-02-13 1 9 1 , 4

Colorado Pick 3

Pick 3 by the Colorado Lottery is another fun and exciting opportunity to play games and earn some cash. Fans of the lottery will enjoy the opportunity to play this draw game twice a day. 

Indeed, Pick 3 has a midday draw and an evening draw. In addition, these drawings are every single day so the fun never stops with this game. 

Game Details 

  • Drawing Schedule: Twice a day, seven days a week at 1:30 p.m. and 7:30 p.m.
  • Top Prize: $2,500

How to Play 

This draw game is easy to follow along if you have never played a game like this or are still new to these types of games. You will need some cash, a few numbers in mind, and of course be at least 18 to gamble. 

When you first decide on your numbers, then you can play on with five different betting options. The numbers have to be selected from 0 to 9, but keep in mind that these can be separated or duplicate choices (ex. 5,5,8). 

As far as budgeting goes, each ticket will cost players a minimum of 50 cents to play, with ranges up to five dollars depending on how much you want to play or spend. 

Next up is how often you would like to play. Since this game is available twice a day, seven days a week, players can play roughly 28 times a month for one or about 56 times for both in a calendar month. 

Before doing this, you of course want to keep in mind your budget. Playing more often could lead to more prizes but it will also lead to more spending. 

Depending on the betting type you selected, the prizes will vary for each game. Below you will see the outcomes for each ticket. 

Game Odds and Prizes

The odds are going to vary based on what type of wagering option you choose. For example, the lowest odds in this game are 1 in 100 for the front pair or back pair bet. 

50 cent wagers can be placed on the following options below:

  • Exact Order
  • Any Order
  • Front Pair
  • Back Pair

$1.00, $2.00, $5.00 wagers can be placed on the following options below:

  • Exact Order
  • Any Order
  • Exact Order + Any Order
  • Front Pair
  • Back Pair

Exact order is exactly as it sounds. Simply pick the order you think the numbers will lay in to win the top prize. 

Any order is a great option to have your three numbers show up however they arrive. This also applies to choosing the same number twice in a sequence. 

Exact order and any order prize will get you close to the jackpot. Simply match the exact order of the numbers but it will also play those numbers for any order they arrive. 

Prizes range from $40 all the way to $2,500. This all depends on what type of betting strategy you use and how much you wager.