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Fantasy 5 - 16/05/2022

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Fantasy 5 - Next Draw 03/12/2021

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California’s Fantasy 5 is a daily draw game from the state of California which is very popular in that state. This is one of the simplest lotteries you will ever come across where you simply have to choose five numbers from 1 to 39 and if you manage to match your selections with the drawn numbers, you will win the jackpot. Besides the jackpot, there are prizes for getting 2-4 numbers correct as well. As we have already established, the California’s Fantasy 5 draws are conducted daily at 6:30pm which means that you have more chances to win week in week out. The starting jackpot prize for California’s Fantasy 5 is $50,000 and it will rollover until it reaches $500,000. What is also impressive about this lottery are the odds of winning the jackpot which are 1 in 575,575 and this means that this is an easy lotto to win.