Match 4 Predictions



What is Washington’s Match 4 draw game?
The Washington Match 4 is a draw game which is part of the Washington Lottery games, the game was launched on the 3rd of August 2008. Match 4 uses the 4/24 matrix and this means that this is one of the easiest lotteries to win due to the low odds which are a result of such a small number range of just 24 numbers. The jackpot prize is $10,000 which is quite a small amount as compared to other lotteries, but it is still something. The game is a bit pricey as a single play costs $2.

How do you play the Washington’s Match 4 draw game?
In order to play the Washington’s Match 4 draw game, you must select 4 numbers between 1 and 24 manually or make use of the Quick Pick where numbers are randomly selected for you. There is a total of 3 prize categories for getting 2, 3 or 4 correct numbers.

When are the Washington’s Match 4 draws conducted?
Washington Match 4 has drawings on a daily basis from Monday to Sunday at 8:00pm Pacific Time.
Who can bet on the Washington’s Match 4?
Washington Match 4 draw game can only be played by the residents of Washington DC.

What are the odds of winning Washington Match 4?
The odds of winning the Washington Match 4 jackpot prize are quite favourable at just 1 in 10,600, check out the odds for all prize categories below;
Match Prize Odds
4 White Balls $10,000 1 in 10.6 Thousand
3 White Balls $20 1 in 133
2 White Balls $2 1 in 9.32