Cash 5 Day Predictions



Have you ever heard of the cash 5 game? You can play this interesting drawing game in Virginia. Read on to learn more about its history, how the game works, its draw times, and jackpots.

Cash 5 is a state-only lottery game that Virginia offers. The game was created in February 1993, and two draws take place daily. It comprises five digits from 1 to 41.

Many Cash 5 winners buy $1 tickets. You don’t have to take part in each drawing.

You can pick several numbers for $0.25. Yet, the ticket must have a total of $1 and above.

How the Game Works

Cash 5 is also known as Cash 5 with EZ Match. You will pay $1 for each play, and a payslip can cover six plays. Pick 5 numbers in each play that are between 1 and 41.

Or, use the Easy Pick for the computer to choose numbers on your behalf. You can pick an EZ Match in each play to win instant prizes.

Match the EZ Match digits with your Cash 5 numbers to win money. You will pay $1 for an EZ Match in each play.

You will win the jackpot when you match all the numbers. You will receive $200 if four numbers were accurate and $5 if you matched three digits only. The lottery will give you $1 when you match two numbers only.

You can add an EZ Match on a Cash 5 ticket to get more winning chances, and its top prize is $500. EZ Match bets are redeemable instantly. You will get an extra ticket containing Cash 5 numbers for an upcoming drawing.

If you check the latest Cash 5 winning numbers, you will note that some of them lack number groups. For instance, a 6-7-9-19-39 doesn’t have the 20s. So, you can study and truck number groups to pick the right group and win more money.

Draw Times

Cash 5 drawings occur each night at 11:00 p.m. You can watch it live at the Virginia Lottery.  Players with multi-draw tickets can engage in 91 consecutive draws by adding MULTI-DRAW on their payslips.

You can buy a Future Play and pick any draw date three months after your day of purchase. A Repeat Play allows you to play 20 times in one drawing.


Cash 5 has a $100,000 parimutuel jackpot that increases from $100,000 until a 5-of-5 winner is picked. The add-on feature in the game allows you to win $500 before the daily drawing occurs. The lottery game has one in 278,256 odds, and it has the highest winning margin in Virginia.

If there are several winning plays, they will share the jackpot prize. Typically, the top prize isn’t fixed, and the Virginia Lottery calculates it in accordance with the Cash 5 game rules.

It is advisable to get coupons shortly after they have been produced. You are eligible for the $100,000 prize if you wagered $1. You can win $50,000 on a $0.50 bet and $25,000 on a $0.25 bet.

Players who want to play Cash 5 can install Virginia Lottery Alexa Skill to get more information about its rules and winning numbers. You can remain anonymous after winning the jackpot. You will pay 4 percent state taxes and 24 percent Federal taxes for winnings that are above $5,000.