New York Numbers Evening Predictions


Numbers Evening - 07/08/2022

Cold Numbers


1 times


1 times


1 times

Hot Numbers


6 times


4 times


4 times


Numbers Evening - Next Draw 07/08/2022

# Date Results
1 2022-08-06 3 1 8
2 2022-08-05 4 5 2
3 2022-08-04 3 6 1
4 2022-08-03 6 9 6
5 2022-08-02 1 1 4
6 2022-08-01 6 7 5
7 2022-07-31 4 9 3
8 2022-02-28 4 4 4

What is New York Numbers Lottery?

New York Numbers is a popular draw game from drawn twice daily as it has a Midday draw and Evening Draw. The draw game is a three digit draw game which has quite a number of play styles. The draw game is very affordable to play because you can either play for 50¢ or for a $1. The prize you will win depends on two things, the playstyle you choose and your stake. The highest amount you can win for any playstyle is R500, so clearly this is not your mega lotto game.

How do you play the New York Numbers?
In order to play New York Numbers, you must choose three numbers from 0 to 9, after that, you must then select your desired play style from the available ones namely;
Straight Play
Box Plays
Straight/Box Plays
Combination Plays
Fair Plays
Please note that you can make your selections manually or using the Quick Pick feature where the computer will choose random numbers for you.
When are the New York Numbers draws conducted?
The draws for New York Numbers Midday and Evening are drawn every day, twice daily at midday 12:20–12:30 PM and in the evening 7:30–7:40 PM respectively.

Who can bet on New York Numbers game?
The New York Numbers can only be played by the New York residents.
What are the odds of winning New York Numbers?
The odds of winning differ according to the playstyle you will be using. See the information below for the odds for all play styles;
Straight Play
Play Type Odds
Match the Winning Numbers in Exact Order 1000:1
Box Play
Play Type Odds
3-Way Box: Select a number with 2 identical digits 333:1
6-Way Box: Select a number with 3 unique digits 167:1
Straight Play/Box Play
Play Type Odds
3-Way Straight/Box: A number with 2 identical digits 333:1
6-Way Straight/Box: A number with 3 unique digits 167:1
Combination Play
Play Type Odds
3-Way Combination: A number with 2 identical digits 333:1
6-Way Combinatin: A number with 3 unique digits 167:1
Pair Play
Play Type Odds
Front Pair 100:1
Back Pair 100:1