Georgia FIVE Midday Predictions


What is Georgia FIVE?
Georgia FIVE is a lottery game which is offered by the Georgia Lottery. The game was launched in July 2010 and has been a part of the Georgia Lottery ever since. Georgia FIVE is quite an affordable game to play as it costs only a dollar. The game offers several winning opportunities as it has two daily drawings, that is, the Midday drawing and the Evening drawing. This lottery game gives you up to 13 ways to win cash prizes. The game’s top prize is $10,000, which is not a huge figure but it is a good amount to win anyway.

How to play Georgia FIVE?
When playing Georgia FIVE, you can either do so manually or use the Quick Pik option whereby the computer will randomly select the numbers for you. If you choose the manual way of making your selections, you must select a total of five-digit number from 00000 to 99999.
When are the Georgia FIVE draws conducted?
The Georgia FIVE draws are conducted daily at 12:29 pm and 6:59 pm for the Midday and Evening draws respectively.

Who can bet on the Georgia FIVE?
Only the residents of the state of Georgia can bet on the Georgia FIVE, non residents can bet on Powerball or Megamillions.
What are the odds of winning Georgia FIVE?
The odds of winning the Georgia 5 jackpot are quite favourable as they are just 1 in 100 000, Below are the odds of winning several other categories;
Numbers Matched Prize Odds
5 Numbers $10,000 1 in 100,000
First or Last 4 Numbers $225 1 in 5,556
First 3 Numbers + Last Number $21 1 in 11,111
First Number + Last 3 Numbers $21 1 in 11,111
First or Last 3 Numbers $20 1 in 617
First 2 Numbers + Last 2 Numbers $20 1 in 11,111
First 2 Numbers + Last Number $11 1 in 1,235
First Number + Last 2 Numbers $11 1 in 1,235
First or Last 2 Numbers $10 1 in 62
First Number + Last Number $2 1 in 123
First or Last Number $1 1 in 6