Georgia Cash 3 Midday Predictions


The Georgia Cash 3 is a very popular three-digit game which is quite easy to play. The drawings for the Cash 3 are held thrice a day everyday at 12:29 PM, 6:59 PM, and 11:34 PM giving punters several opportunities to win. When playing the Cash 3, you must realise that there are what are called play styles and this is simply how you would like to play the game. You have to pick a 3 digit number combination from 000 to 999 and then choose your preferred playstyle from the available ones. The play styles available for the Cash 3 are straight, box, straight/box, combo, 1-OFF, and pairs. Please note that you can manually select the numbers or use the Quik Pick and the computer will randomly select the numbers for you. Cash 3 is very affordable as you can play it for either $0.50 or $1.00. Playing Cash 3 for 0.50 will see you winning up to $250, whereas playing a $1.00 can see you winning up to $500.