Connecticut Play 4 Night Smart Picks


The Connecticut Lottery Play4 Night is a game from Connecticut which has a jackpot of $5000 for each and every draw, but it is important however to note that the top prize you can attain depends on two things; firstly, how much you wager (You can bet in increments of $0.50 up to a maximum wager of $5)and the playstyle you choose. There are a total of four play styles namely Straight, Box, Straight / Box and Combo. When you are playing the Connecticut Lottery Play4 Night, you are required to pick 4 numbers, each from 0-9 and you need to realise that each number is independent from the other numbers. The Connecticut Lottery Play4 Night offers chances to win prizes from $104 up to $25,000 every night. The draws for the Connecticut Lottery Play4 Night are conducted every night at 10:29pm