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Daily 4 - 23/09/2021

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Daily 4 - Next Draw 08/07/2021

# Date Results
1 2021-07-07 1178
2 2020-09-30 6012
3 2020-06-13 1562

The Daily 4 game is a product of the California Lottery which offers you a great opportunity of winning. In order to play the Daily 4, you must try to match all your 4 selected numbers with the winning numbers from 0-9. You must remember that each number is independent of the other which means that you can have a selection with the same numbers like 1-2-2-4. There are 3 play styles you can use on this game namely Straight, Box and Straight/Box, you need to also remember that you can make the selections yourself or use the Quick Pick. The draws for the Daily 4 are conducted on a daily basis at 6:30 p.m using an Automated Draw Mach