Arkansas Cash 3 Evening Hot and Cold Numbers



The Arkansas Cash 3 Evening is a popular three-digit game from the Arkansas Scholarship Lottery. This game is popular because it has up to four ways of playing which automatically translate to more opportunities of winning. The Arkansas Cash 3 Evening is drawn everyday of the week from Monday to Sunday at 18:59 p.m. The four playstyles available for this game are Straight, Box, Straight / Box and Combo. In order for you to play this game, you must select a number from 000 to 999, then choose a playstyle and a bet value. The highest amount which can be won in each draw is $500 but you need to bear in mind that the playstyle you use and your stake determines your maximum prize, additionally, you must match the winning draw numbers in their exact order for you to win the highest jackpot prize of $500.